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Very gradually, road passenger transport companies are beginning to prepare for when restrictions that have prevented them from operating 100% are removed and the time it may take for economic recovery to be reduced. That is why they have decided to invest to modernize equipment, renew fleet and especially incorporate greater comfort in buses.

Chile is characterized by road transport companies that are integral owners and managers of their fleet, which facilitates the standardization of the service, the unification of purchases, the economies of scale and the care of the vehicles during their useful life. Also, many companies tend to have a remarkable level of comfort and attention in the vehicles, with sleeper seats, catering, individual entertainment and other much-needed amenities on long-distance routes.

Eurobus is one of the ETM (Empresa de Transportes de Maullín) brands that is preparing for its 60 years of activities, starting in 1962 in the city of Maullín, belonging to the Los Lagos region more than 1,000 km from the capital Santiago. Its first stage was to consolidate a route to Puerto Montt and later to reach the center of the country, for several years offering buses with great luxury and comfort services including 180° bed seats.

And reinforcing that level of service is what ETM has sought by ordering 15 new double-decker buses with the Scania K440 chassis that have been bodied in Brazil by Marcopolo, with its Paradiso 1800DD New G7 model. Thirteen units can transport up to a maximum of 43 passengers in a 2 + 1 arrangement on both levels, with wide «leito» armchairs and 160° recline. The vehicles will also have the Eurobus currency, to distinguish those with a higher level of comfort.

Two other vehicles have been configured to carry up to 32 passengers, with 12 occupants on the first floor and 20 on the upper floor. Those on the second level stand out for the incorporation of 180° reclining bed chairs that will be an oasis for the long-distance traveler.

ETM seeks to continue leading passenger transport on long routes from Santiago de Chile and support tourism to the south, as well as the Los Lagos region. For this reason, the new vehicles will surely be reaching the towns of Castro, Ancud, Puerto Montt, Maullín, Puerto Varas and Osorno.

ETM only has double-decker buses for all its interurban routes, having routes that additionally go to Valparaíso and Concepción. Additionally, for many years they have standardized the fleet, choosing the Marcopolo-Scania binomial and always seeking to incorporate state-of-the-art vehicles.


Colombiabus newsroom – Marcopolo Brazil


The road transport segment is going through the worst crisis in its history worldwide, due to mobility restrictions and social distancing imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In Brazil, while rental and business transport services progress, being the protagonists of the deliveries of new vehicles this year, road route operators resist, although others are betting on the recovery and consider that the worst is over.

The ten Paradiso New G7 1600 LDs have capacity for 48 passengers in semi-bed seats, benefiting from the largest storage capacity on the market and include elevators for people with reduced mobility. For their part, the six Paradiso New G7 1800 DD have different configurations: four have capacity for 64 passengers, with 12 seats on the lower deck and 52 semi-seats on the upper deck, and two have 43 seats, with 12 seats on the lower floor and 31 sofa beds, on the top floor.

All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning system, wood-look floor, individual light, 110-volt outlet, cup holders and USB ports on all seats and Wi-Fi, as well as a toilet. Boa Esperança stands out for being the most representative operator in the north of Brazil. With a modern fleet, it operates dozens of interurban and interstate lines, promoting the connection of the capital of Pará with several municipalities in the state and several others in the northeast of Brazil.


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Metalsur Carrocerías is an Argentine manufacturer that began activities in 1989, thanks to the efforts of engineer Miguel Maestú, who managed with a lot of work to make his company go from being a family organization to one with international projection in the manufacture of bus bodies.

From its facilities in Villa Gobernador Gálvez, in the Rosario city of Santa Fé, with an area of ​​85,000 square meters, it has developed models of pleasant remembrance. Among them, we can mention the Zeppelin, which reminds us of the mythical COX2000 «Coche Bala» that Autobuses Olímpica developed in our country, or the different evolutions of its Starbus road model that roll in Argentina in single and double-decker configurations.

In 2012, Metalpar from Chile and Marcopolo arrived to join the Argentine builder, with a view to making it the largest manufacturer of its kind in the country, with models that gave it its own distinctive personality. In 2019, the Brazilian giant increases the bet and makes an acquisition for an additional 49%, keeping the shares of the Maestú family that founded the company and assuming control of Metalsur’s destinations, having 70% of its ownership.

Now comes one of the most important transformations of the company in its history, because thanks to a visit from the Argentine Ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Scioli, details of a Marcopolo project to manufacture road buses at the Santa Fe facilities were revealed, where until now they served the Torino urban line.

The diplomat met with Marcopolo CEO James Bellini, where an investment of close to 20 million dollars was announced in Argentina and the increase in Metalsur’s staff, which will go from 600 to 1,000 employees. Additionally, they will seek to increase the local integration of suppliers to reach 90% as of the second half of 2021 and as a noteworthy fact, the Santa Fe plant would be the first outside of Brazil to manufacture Paradiso model double-decker buses.

Another important fact after this investment is that the Metalsur name ceases to exist, and will be renamed Marcopolo Argentina.


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Metalsur Carrocerías es un fabricante argentino que inició actividades en 1989, gracias al empeño del ingeniero Miguel Maestú, que logró con mucho trabajo hacer que su compañía pasara de ser una organización familiar a una con proyección internacional en la fabricación de carrocerías para autobuses.

Desde sus instalaciones en Villa Gobernador Gálvez, en la ciudad rosarina de Santa Fé, con 85.000 metros cuadrados de superficie, ha desarrollado modelos de grata recordación. Entre ellos podemos citar al Zeppelin, que nos recuerda al mítico COX2000 «Coche-Bala» que desarrolló Autobuses Olímpica en nuestro país, o las diferentes evoluciones de su modelo Starbus de carretera que ruedan en Argentina en configuraciones de uno y dos pisos.

En 2012 llegan Metalpar de Chile y Marcopolo para unirse al constructor argentino, con miras a convertirla en el mayor fabricante de su tipo en el país, con modelos que le daban una personalidad propia y distintiva. En 2019, el gigante brasilero aumenta la apuesta y realiza una adquisición por el 49% adicional quedándose con las acciones de la familia Maestú que fundó la compañía y asumiendo el control de los destinos de Metalsur teniendo el 70% de su propiedad.

Ahora llega una de las más importantes transformaciones de la compañía en sus historia, pues gracias a una visita del Embajador de Argentina en Brasil, Daniel Scioli, se pudieron conocer detalles de un proyecto de Marcopolo para fabricar autobuses de carretera en las instalaciones de Santa Fe, donde hasta el momento atendían la línea urbana Torino.

El diplomático estuvo reunido con el CEO de Marcopolo James Bellini, donde se anunció una inversión cercana a los 20 millones de dólares en Argentina y el aumento de la planta de personal de Metalsur, que pasará de 600 a 1.000 empleados. Adicionalmente buscarán aumentar la integración local de proveedores para llegar al 90% a partir del segundo semestre de 2021 y como hecho destacable, la planta de Santa Fe sería la primera fuera de Brasil en fabricar buses dos pisos del modelo Paradiso.

Otro hecho importante tras esta inversión, es que el nombre de Metalsur deje de existir, pasando a llamarse Marcopolo Argentina.


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Buscando mejorar aún más la experiencia de sus clientes cuando visitan la planta, Marcopolo inauguró esta semana el Espacio del Cliente. Situada en la unidad Ana Rech, la estructura de nueva construcción tiene una superficie de 600 m² y tiene capacidad para hasta tres vehículos, además cuenta con salas de reuniones preparadas para videoconferencias, showroom de sillones y revestimientos y está equipado con todos los recursos necesarios para los procesos de configuración y entrega de sus modelos. Otro punto de mucha atención en el diseño del nuevo espacio es la iluminación, mientras que para las inspecciones de entrega, se instaló un sistema de última generación para garantizar las condiciones técnicas óptimas.

Según André Armaganijan, director de Estrategias y Negocios Internacionales de Marcopolo, el Espacio del Cliente eleva los niveles de atención y fue concebido para proporcionar a los clientes de la marca un mejor servicio en la negociación y entrega de los productos dando la oportunidad de ver, cambiar, experimentar componentes y revestimientos. Es importante destacar que la empresa  está retomando las entregas tanto para clientes de mercado interno y externo, observando las directrices de los órganos de salud y gubernamentales con relación a las medidas de prevención al Nuevo Coronavirus.

Foto: Marcopolo S.A.

La primera entrega realizada en el Espacio del Cliente fue un modelo Paradiso New G7 1800 DD con 43 asientos para Transportes Spazzini, de Erechim/RS. «La estructura puesta a disposición por Marcopolo para la entrega de sus productos demuestra realmente el valor de sus productos, permitiendo la visualización de elementos importantes y facilitando la configuración interna del vehículo», dice Moacir Spazzini, Director de la empresa que lleva 31 años de actividad y es cliente de Marcopolo desde hace 12 años.