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Colombiabus Newsroom – Agrale Argentina S.A.


Despite the pandemic, the Argentine subsidiary of the Brazilian manufacturer Agrale continues to advance in the development of passenger buses, highly oriented towards urban mobility. Not only do they finalize details of the long-awaited electric MA17 whose powertrain is being developed in England, but now add a new variant for operators who need large capacity vehicles in cities, with its front-engined MA27.0 chassis.

The chassis of the presentation has been bodied by the constructor TodoBus, located southwest of Buenos Aires, on a platform length of 18 meters, a gross vehicle weight of 27 tons and with the capacity to transport up to 143 passengers, of which 49 they can travel seated. The MA27.0 with front engine is part of the more than ten developments conceived by the Argentine engineering team, in about 15 years of Agrale’s presence in the country.

The chassis is powered by a Cummins Euro V diesel engine of the ISB family, with 6.7 liters of displacement and 290HP of power, which reaches the wheels thanks to the fully automatic transmission provided by Allison of the Torqmatic family suitable for vehicles with weight. 29,000kg gross vehicle. The joint (sanfona) is imported from Germany by Hübner, the suspension is pneumatic for maximum smoothness and absorption capacity of the irregularities of the roads in the cities, and with its electronic control it can also be adjusted. The TodoBus bodywork includes ramps and accessibility devices for those with reduced mobility conditions.

Agrale hopes to maintain its commitment to developing models that guarantee productivity, efficiency and friendly transport for Latin American cities.


Colombiabus Newsroom – Transdev France


The French multinational mobility company Transdev, through its Colombian subsidiary, holds 50% of the shareholding who was awarded the provision and operation of 406 electric buses in Bogotá, for functional units 6 and 17 in the town of Fontibón. Through the contract signed with Transmilenio that amounts to 874 million euros. This contract is an important step in a large-scale development of the European company to make a transition to electric and sustainable fleets.

Transdev’s participation in Colombia is not new, since it has a 20-year presence in Bogotá together with its Colombian partner Fanalca in TransMilenio, the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system that mobilizes the most people in the world, the French company expects to have operational the largest electric bus fleet in Latin America, with 406 electric buses with BYD chassis, whose bodies will be assembled in Colombia by Superpolo.

The fleet of electric buses will be made up of a combination of 272 9-meter local buses and 134 12-meter zonal buses respectively. The buses will serve the zonal component of Transmilenio along 15 routes in the town of Fontibón. In this area of ​​the city, Transdev and Fanalca will jointly build the largest electrical installation in South America. It will be a bus station of more than 40,000 m² where it will be possible to park, maintain and load all the vehicles covered by the contract.

“With this huge electric bus contract in Bogotá, Transdev is fulfilling its ambition to transition its bus fleets to zero emissions in Colombia and globally. We are proud to continue serving Bogotá where we have been successfully operating much of the TransMilenio with our BRT systems. I am convinced that, for large urban areas, there is no way to avoid the mass deployment of sustainable mobility solutions, including biofuels, electric batteries and, ultimately, hydrogen electric fleets and fuel cells,” Thierry Mallet, President and CEO of Transdev Group.

These new e-buses, which will replace a 20-year-old traditional public transport diesel fleet, will greatly reduce polluting emissions from public transport, improve local air quality, and optimize Colombia’s overall capacity to cope with the transition of energy towards other modes of transport. By the end of 2020, Transdev and Fanalca were operating some 660 articulated and bi-articulated buses for the trunk component of Transmilenio and additionally, the 163 cabins of the acclaimed TransMiCable urban cable system. With this new contract, by the end of 2021, Transdev and Fanalca will jointly operate 1,067 buses in Bogotá, reinforcing an operation that the previous year generated total sales of 95 million euros and employed a workforce of 2,750 people.