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The enormous expectation for the arrival of the Marcopolo Generation 8 destined for the highway segment had been brewing for several years and when it was officially presented in July 2021, it did not disappoint anyone. In the international markets, the orders are being confirmed and their arrival to them is gradually taking place.

However, in the Brazilian market, the arrival of Generation 8 has been transforming the road transport scenario in the country and surprisingly, leading to the participation of double-decker buses in the segment growing faster. So much so that a few years ago, only 10% of two-tier vehicles were produced for local operators. Now, thanks to the new model, more than 50% of Paradiso 1800DD G8 orders are for companies in Brazil.

This market movement had been brewing as travel restrictions were lifted due to the pandemic and companies prepared to welcome travelers again “Even before the launch of Generation 8, we were already seeing this market movement, and we expected strong demand for more sophisticated DDs, but it is proving to be even more positive. Since the launch of the G8, most of the orders have been for the 1800 DD model, which represents a change in the behavior of customers who bought more the Paradiso 1200 model”, explains Ricardo Portolan, Director of Commercial Operations MI and Marketing of Marco Polo.

“Of Marcopolo’s intercity bus production in 2021, the Double Decker model represented more than 50% of the volume. And of that volume, when we consider only the Generation 8, the participation of the model is more expressive, exceeding 70% of sales”, highlights Portolán.

According to the Marcopolo executive, this change in the behavior of operators is an important sign that road transport is going through a complete transformation to offer more and more safety, comfort and convenience to attract more users, including those who opted by air transport. “For medium-distance trips, such as São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro or even São Paulo-Belo Horizonte, many people prefer the bus, due to its comfort and practicality, which has made operators intensify the acquisition of DD, with flat-bed seats and different classes of service.

For many years, Marcopolo has devoted special attention to the evolution of road transport and the change in the profile of passengers, focusing on the development of products, solutions and even services that greatly improve everyone’s experience. From the passenger to the operator, passing through the driver, mechanics and other professionals involved in the entire production chain.

Another detail that deserves to be highlighted is that the Generation 8 double-decker buses are not only appreciated by more companies dedicated to the segment of interstate or international routes. Also, companies in the rental, excursion and charter sector have incorporated the Paradiso 1800DD into their fleets.

The new G8 received a new design of wider stairs, with wide and soft steps, indirect LED lighting and a new design of the door opening system, more efficient and robust. All internal linings, including handles, roof and sides, are lined with ‘easy clean’ material, saving time during downtime, and are produced with antimicrobial fabric (standard on all Marcopolo models).

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