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Hino, the Japanese manufacturer of buses and trucks of the Toyota Group, arrived in Colombia almost 30 years ago and was always clear that its entry into the country was not a product of the economic opening winds of that time. For the brand founded in 1910 in Tokyo, landing in the Colombian market was the first step, with a view to staying and being one of the carrier’s preferred brands.

This commitment has been reaffirmed with the diversification of models, the increase in the dealer network and the establishment of the assembly plant in Cota, which to date has produced more than 40,000 buses and trucks for the local market, the countries from the Andean area and Chile.

True to this premise of being close to the customer and having the best coverage, Hino has announced the opening of 3 new sales and service points in the country: Cartagena, Montería and Duitama.

The company wants to be one of the main players in these cities, to meet the needs of local cargo and passenger transporters, with offers of state-of-the-art buses and trucks, as well as to strengthen the service network and the sale of spare parts with the which currently counts.

“Cartagena, Montería and Duitama are key cities due to their geographic location, population, growing economy, quantity and variety of transportation needs such as imports, food, beverages, raw materials and passengers to all points of our country. That is why the HINO brand establishes new facilities to serve these carriers with the best of Japanese technology and strengthen its network coverage” says Juan Fernando Muñoz, commercial manager of Colombia’s Hino Distributor.

Vehidiesel, which already has a showcase for the brand in Barranquilla, will increase its presence on the Caribbean Coast with its new showcase in Cartagena. This is located at Diagonal 21 # 45A – 112, Barrio Bosque.

For its part, Montería will host a new headquarters of Motorsur, which already has experience as a distributor of the brand, since it serves Huila and Caquetá. Now it will reach the savannahs of the Atlantic coast and its headquarters are located at Carrera 6 #117-625, Barrio Los Garzones. For its part, Duitama, an important commercial and transportation city in the heart of Boyacá, will have its point of sale located at kilometer 4 via Paipa, Vereda San Lorenzo.

In these showcases, the brand will have a varied portfolio of buses and trucks with the latest innovations in the development of commercial vehicles, in order to offer products with the highest standards of quality, performance and safety.

Additionally, each point will have its technical center, in charge of offering after-sales service for trucks and buses: sale of spare parts and original parts; maintenance, revisions, diagnoses and recommendations for the use of the units, among many other activities to accompany the transporters.

“The value offer, in addition to the proven quality of our vehicles, is to offer our users Total Support, this means that our relationship with the client does not end when the bus or truck leaves the dealership, on the contrary , we have a structure which focuses on providing permanent support to our customers through our exclusive virtual support system “Hino Connect”, training and courses (which are given throughout the year), so that they know the machine in detail, how to operate it so that it has a long useful life and so that the operating expenses are minimal”, adds Muñoz.

HINO, which is the bus and truck unit of the Toyota Group, will also offer the transporters of Cartagena, Montería and Duitama, the HINO Connect tool. A technological development based on telematics, allows knowing in depth and improve the vehicle’s operating processes and also find solutions at hand in everything that has to do with the general condition of the vehicle, performance, schedule maintenance and the network of nationally authorized workshops, among other functions.

Hino Connect comes as standard on all buses and trucks from the 2020 models and is a vital element to control the operation of the brand’s buses and trucks. This allows improving driving habits by helping to professionalize drivers, contributes to efficient use of the machine and control of operating costs, for greater business profitability.

“There are many added values ​​that we have as a brand so that the offer is attractive and competitive compared to other offers of buses and trucks in these cities”, concludes the Manager. With these new openings, HINO reaches a total of 21 showcases, located in the main cities of the country, to offer more than 20 truck and 7 bus references.

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