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2021 was not easy for the transport, cargo and logistics sectors due to the ravages of the pandemic, supply chain and the semiconductor crisis, causing entire plants to stop production, a global problem for which no one was prepared. For Scania Mexico it was no exception, however, the Swedish brand in Mexico came out ahead and managed to close the year with 740 units sold between buses and cargo trucks, in addition to already venturing into the motor segment. The foregoing defines the impact that the brand has managed to position over more than 25 years of history in Mexico.

For the cargo segment it was a record year, it gained market share and doubled sales in 2020, closing with a total of 567 vehicles, of which 527 were tractor trailers and 40 were class 8 rigids. This placed Scania in fourth place after national level in trucks according to data from the ANPACT (National Association of Producers of Buses, Trucks and Trucks) and INEGI.

“It is an achievement for us to reach these figures in Mexico, without a doubt it has been the best period in the history of the brand in Mexico in terms of trucks and tractors that we started four years ago, despite all the problems that occurred during the year, we went from selling 276 trucks in 2020 and grew 105.4% compared to that year, having a market share of 2.85%. We still need to grow more, and we are on the right path, our customers recognize the brand for the differentials that we have presented in the sector, and we are doing our job in a very important market for Scania”, commented Mauricio de Alba, Director of Sales and Scania Trucks aftermarket.

It is important to mention that, thanks to the trust of customers in the segment, all the stock that was available for sale in 2022 is already assigned to various customers. During this year, orders will be received for 2023, where the objective will be to place 3,000 trucks in the Mexican market.

In the bus and passenger transport segment, Scania continues to be a leading brand and an improvement in demand was noted compared to 2020. 173 units were sold during 2021, with 154 foreign units sold and 19 urban units. “In the bus and passenger transport segment, we had a notable improvement, although we are not yet at pre-pandemic levels, we have to continue working along the same lines, the only way to grow is to continue doing the good work we have been doing during all these years: demonstrating the value of our sustainable products, innovating and offering comprehensive solutions in each of the services” said Jorge Navarro Inostroza, Sales and After Sales Director of Scania Buses.

Similarly, the numbers for the engine segment have been of great value to Scania, proof of this were the 31 power generation engines placed in the Mexican market throughout the year and 64 more that are already ordered by 2022. “We want Scania quality to be in each of the products and services we offer and engines could not be the exception, we have started knocking on doors and customers have responded quite well, so the outlook for our engines looks promising”, commented Raúl Rodriguez, Director of Power Solutions.

One of the strengths of the Swedish brand is in after-sales and the “Customer Workshop Services” (CWS) which consists of taking the Scania workshop to the customer’s facilities to provide support and maintenance to the vehicles, so the brand takes care of the vehicle and the customer of your business. Currently, there are 49 points covering the entire Mexican Republic, with 70% of the fleet (between buses and trucks) with a direct maintenance policy from Scania, so the brand’s offer is completely comprehensive.

The start of operations of the brand’s finance company was vital during 2021 since it supported 70% of commercial operations, a differential that has enabled important businesses to be enabled and which means total brand confidence with its own products.

Scania currently has 5,743 vehicles connected with Scania Communicator, a brand-specific tool that offers the customer all the information on the units by Scania’s team of professionals; As part of its Driver Coaching program, with more than 1,000 subscriptions focused on driver support, the brand provides personalized attention to learn in detail the driving habits of each vehicle and each operator, as well as support maintenance management and the location of the same, focused on a safer, more sustainable and profitable operation, one more example of Scania’s commitment to each of its customers, to have more durable and efficient fleets.

Among the most relevant news for the brand in 2021 was the announcement of the launch of the electric truck by the CEO and President of Scania Mexico, Alejandro Mondragón, within the framework of the XXI National Forum for the Transport of Goods by the ANTP (National Association of Private Transport). There, it was mentioned that in 2022, the best electric truck in the world will arrive in Mexican territory.

Likewise, in the bus segment, the arrival of the first electric bus for the Swedish brand in the country was announced, with October 2021 being the month in which pilot tests began on the electric platform with which this urban bus will be manufactured in Mexico hand in hand with Beccar for this 2022. Additionally, one of the most anticipated moments for the brand that will undoubtedly set a precedent will be the presentation of the new generation of chassis, which will have great benefits for its customers and for the environment.

The brand is firm in its commitment, willing to continue innovating to grow, having financing schemes for each of its clients and consolidating new technologies hand in hand with sustainable products of the best quality. In this 2022, the focus of the brand will be on the after-sales offer and innovation in the development of service and connectivity solutions.

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