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The great impact left by the global launch of Volvo’s new BZL electric bus chassis, designed to meet the needs of operators and cities in any metropolis, has not been fully assimilated when the pleasant news is received that we will soon have the new passenger vehicle, ready for tests in Colombia, where Volvo Buses has been present for more than 20 years, promoting the modernization of massive systems and offering a better quality of life in transport.

The global demand for electromobility solutions in public transport is growing, and Volvo Buses is preparing for even faster order growth in the coming years. “With the new Volvo BZL Electric, we offer a global platform for clean, quiet and energy efficient public transport to meet the growing demand in markets that are already ready to switch to electromobility,” says Anna Westerberg, Global CEO of Volvo Buses.

André Marques, General Director of Volvo Group Colombia, mentioned at the launch of the new BZL chassis that “Colombia is one of the Volvo Group’s priorities for the introduction of electric buses in Latin America. The above, because as a country we have great potential for this technology, and we want to generate the least impact with our transport solutions ”.

Colombia is in the global trials and an electric demo bus is expected to be in the country early next year. “For 6 months the Volvo electric bus will have activities such as product presentation and testing with operators, investors, strategic allies and institutions focused on electromobility,” said Giulliano Decicino, Commercial and Marketing Manager of Volvo Buses Colombia.

Volvo Buses has years of experience in electromobility solutions, working closely with operators around the world. This chassis is designed as a single or double-deck, with multiple options for drivers. “The new Volvo BZL Electric builds on proven and successful solutions already deployed in Europe. All chassis and powertrain components have been developed to ensure the superior quality of our buses,” says Dan Pettersson, Volvo Buses Head of International Business.

Electric buses are always part of a system. Route distance, frequency, capacity, pricing and local regulations translate into different solutions. This new Volvo BZL is designed to be respectful of the environment and emissions, beyond when it is in operation with passengers, since materials and manufacturing process have taken this premise into account and 90% of the components of the bus are recyclable, while the batteries will have a second use when they end their useful life in the buses.

Safety is another core value of Volvo buses, the Volvo BZL Electric meets the highest European standards for superior driving and safe operation. This includes Volvo Buses the latest offering in connected technology, Volvo APP Bus Connect. “With functions such as Volvo Safe Zone Management, the operator can define safety zones where the maximum speed of the bus is limited, for example near schools or at terminals,” explains Andrés Camacho, Volvo Buses Services Manager Colombia.

The new Volvo BZL Electric features a powertrain developed entirely by the company. The 200 kW electric motor is mated to a two-speed automated transmission. The powertrain can be configured with one or two generators, delivering equivalent power up to 540 HP, giving the Volvo BZL Electric high climbing ability, fast and comfortable operation at all times.

The Volvo BZL Electric is designed for recharging flexibility for both high-power fast charging (OppCharge – Opportunity Charge) and trickle charging (CCS) in the garage or warehouse. Volvo Buses also offers a usable energy commitment, guaranteeing an agreed amount of power for operation and eliminating customer concerns about batteries.

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