Colombiabus newsroom – BN Americas / William Marroquín


The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile (MTT), led by Gloria Hutt, announced yesterday a public tender that will seek to incorporate 35 electric buses, under the standard of the massive Red system of the capital Santiago, seeking to offer two routes that will benefit more of 14,000 people.

The head of the Transport and Telecommunications portfolio, announced that a strategy is being promoted throughout the country, which intends that by 2040, public transport is 100% electric by 2040 to achieve greater energy efficiency, mitigate gases from greenhouse effect and improve the quality of life of users.

It is expected to build a “green” corridor or electric corridor, with a length of close to 24 kilometers, with 35 electric buses that will have about 150 departures on business days. The vehicles will be of the midibus type with lengths between 8.5 and 10.5 meters long with a low floor, USB ports, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and suitable to allow inclusive transport.

The tender for this new service will have an estimated duration of three months between the publication of offers and the signing of the contract. A time to evaluate the technical aspects of operation and the vehicles offered, energy efficiency and consumption of accumulators, economic viability, how to ensure collection and define possible subsidies.

The awarded services will operate under the figure of the Electric Service Zone, coexisting with the current Diesel Bus Service Zone. The eBuses may be operated for a term that in principle will be eight years, with the possibility of extending it to ten, if the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications evaluates and decides.

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