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A pleasant surprise and a sign of both the confidence in the Latin American bus industry, and its chances of recovery, has been the confirmation of a Busworld appointment, which will take place in Argentina from September 21 to 23, 2022, taking the witness of the two celebrations held in Colombia during 2016 and 2017.

This appointment in Buenos Aires will be much more than the Latin busworld stop, as it will be held at a time that is expected, reaffirms the signs of economic recovery and brings together the protagonists of the bus in an unforgettable reunion. Busworld International, Messe Frankfurt and Messe Frankfurt Argentina as organizers and accompanied by i2 Productora and El Expreso TV, one of the most important bus media on the continent, supporting the commercialization of the event.

Daniel Orciani, engineer and producer at the helm of El Expreso TV, has worked hard to have Busworld in Argentina and is now taking on a new challenge to ensure the success of the Latin show. We talked with him about the negotiations carried out, the size of the sample and how he sees the bus industry in the region.

WILLIAM MARROQUÍN – COLOMBIABUS: Since when did the interest in Argentina host Busworld LatinAmerica arise, and how far had the negotiations advanced when the pandemic was decreed?

DANIEL ORCIANI – EL EXPRESO TV: I was gestating interest in various visits to Busworld fairs around the world. During Didier Ramoudt’s tenure, I started collecting data and presenting Argentine transport businessmen; culminating with a visit by Didier to our country, where with the people of Messe Frankfurt Argentina we explained the possibilities that we offered, and we toured the City and the La Rural fairgrounds a little. Later we resumed the conversations with Vincent Dewaele in a virtual way, and the contractual negotiations were carried out between Messe Frankfurt Germany, Messe Argentina and Busworld International.

CB: Did the pandemic force you to suspend and start from scratch?

DO: The pandemic did not affect these negotiations due to the stage they were in.

CB: Was La Ferial Rural always the venue chosen to host Busworld LatinAmerica or was it one of the changes after the pandemic?

DO: We always think of La Rural since it is the largest place for events and exhibitions in all of Latin America and in our country it is very recognized, since it is located in the heart of Palermo neighborhood and houses the traditional exhibition of Livestock, Agriculture and Internationally recognized industry that attracts visitors from all over the world.

CB: One of the neuralgic points is the renewal of the air inside the venues. Are there modifications in the facilities of La Ferial Rural aimed at an adequate management of ventilation? What changes are planned in the management of the stands and conferences in order to offer the best biosafety conditions to the audience? Will there be a greater number of pavilions with outdoor display, compared to other Busworld fairs?

DO: Throughout the world, it is estimated that by the date of Busworld Latin America the protocols will be very similar to those of the prepandemic. Regardless of this, the ventilation systems and the size of the facilities, with large openings, guarantee good sanitary control.

CB: How much space will La Ferial Rural have to host Busworld LatinAmérica, how many exhibitors can be there?

DO: In principle we will have 9,000 m2. The number of exhibitors will depend on the size of the stands… And we expect very large stands !! With automotive terminals and body shops throughout the region.

CB: The Latin automotive industry has been recovering, but the passenger transport segments have different results: charter is growing, the road may return to normal in 2023 and the urban one depends on the projects of the cities, we also see occasionally in Argentina very high interest rates to finance the purchase of productive vehicles and in cases like Colombia a significant devaluation making products more expensive. How do these events motivate the industry in such a complex scenario?

DO: All markets in the world were affected by the pandemic… And especially the transport of people. It was not an isolated phenomenon. Depending on the degree of aid or state dependency, many were able to survive and others remained or will remain on the road. Transportation needs will continue to exist, and financing is already adapting to new realities. From the point of view of the consumer or the State, one can think of an aging of the vehicle fleet and from the point of view of the employer, not renewing leads to a decapitalization of their business. And not anticipating or not knowing new trends or technologies, today, represents a great risk for any business. That is why we notice a great interest and desire to participate in an exhibition like this face-to-face, and of regional and international scope.

CB: Daniel has been a Union Director and knows very well that the support of the unions (Federations) is important for the success of events of this magnitude. Who have confirmed their support, and will they be as allies at the event?

DO: We still do not formally send invitations except to the Minister of Transport, who will surely be present at the launch this year and at the opening of the fair in 2022. But informally I have already been speaking, and I can assure you that all associations and transport chambers, both urban and long-distance buses will be sponsors of the show, will have their place and will actively participate.

CB: How did Messe Frankfurt and its Argentine subsidiary react to the cancellation of in-person B2B events around the world, and how do they maintain faith in holding Busworld in Buenos Aires?


DO: The people at Messe Frankfurt Argentina (and in charge of Latin America) are very professional and organize many fairs and exhibitions for quite some time. It does not depend only on a good fair to continue in the business, of course, like everyone else, the pandemic affected and paralyzed the business. In my opinion, digital events did not compensate for the absence of face-to-face, so holding an International Fair like Busworld represents a great opportunity to add to your portfolio once face-to-face events begin.

CB: What does this challenge of marketing Busworld Latin America represent for I2 Productora and El Expreso TV in a scenario of reactivation?

DO: For i2 Productora, more than a challenge, it means a great business opportunity and in some way a recognition of our trajectory. We are confident that we can contribute our knowledge of more than 20 years of this market so that Busworld LatinAmerica is a success and is installed as one of the best Busworld in the world.

CB: When could we see signs of economic recovery in the bus industry in both Argentina and Latin America?

DO: There was an initial communication from many governments, officials, press and communicators that the buses were dangerous and a place of possible contagion. This was a severe blow to the bus industry, although several studies have shown that bubbles and protocols make traveling by bus very safe. Recovery will be very fast in those places where this initial misconception is reversed and also where more population is vaccinated. People WANT and need to travel. We were locked up and isolated for a long time. And I believe that as soon as the conditions are met, he will do it again with a redoubled spirit. Entrepreneurs must also prepare by offering products that attract doubters such as Sanitation systems, such as UV, or ozone or air circulation. They must publicize it and governments approve and even require them. In Argentina, it is going that way and I hope that in all of Latin America it will also be like that.

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