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With the changes caused by the pandemic in the transport sector, the continuous charter segment of passengers has strengthened during the last year to the detriment of sectors such as the highway that expect better times. The charter sector grew 80% compared to the previous period, helping Marcopolo, a leader in the Brazilian production of bus bodies, maintain vehicle production rates in the country.

In the first five months of this year, the company produced 688 vehicles for the sector, representing 62% of the market share. Given these figures, in order to maintain its leadership in the segment and add more value and innovation to vehicles, Marcopolo launches the Viaggio 800 bus. The model sets a new quality standard for the market, as it combines strength, comfort, design and reliability differentiation, in addition to ensuring the best cost-benefit ratio.

In the last 90 days, the company presented the product individually to each customer, having already sold more than 100 units. Of these, the first six units are already being delivered to the client Piccolotur / SP, one of the continuous and occasional charter companies with the longest tradition in Jundiaí and the region. It also operates in the Campinas region and part of Greater São Paulo, serving companies from various segments.

The new Viaggio 800 will be produced at the Caxias do Sul plant and was developed to meet the specific demands and characteristics of the Brazilian continuous charter segment and also of the foreign market. Among the differentials is the width of 2,600 mm, which provides more comfort and interior space for the passenger. Regarding the length, in the configurations of 48 to 52 seats, the total measurements are from 12,400 mm to 13,500 mm, respectively.

Naturally, it can complement the portfolio of large capacity vehicles, but designed for short journeys, or commuter transport thanks to the 800 mm height of the hold, designed for not very bulky luggage.

With a bold, modern design and light lines that embody Marcopolo’s DNA, the Viaggio 800 was developed for different front-engine chassis options, as well as ensuring quick and easy maintenance. The model has a front headlight assembly, with three round headlights and DRL, LED turn signals and fog lights (optional), to ensure greater light efficiency and driver safety.

The model has a new interior finish in the driver’s cabin, more modern and of high quality, and a new total separation wall, with a door in position that guarantees better access to the passenger room. The lighting is fully LED and, to ensure passenger comfort, two options are offered for the Executive model seats, with a new design and specially developed foam headrests to mold the biometric characteristics of the passengers.

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