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Volare, the integral midi and minibus unit belonging to Marcopolo, officially presented its new line of its Attack model. The evolution of the models comes under the names of New Attack 8 and 9, which presents changes with respect to the bus that was presented for the first time in 2014. This line corresponds to the one that is oriented to the most robust work, while Fly serves a segment more executive.

These New Attacks mark more an evolution than a revolution in a family that has been characterized by combining functionality, economy and low maintenance costs that allow it to help conveyors achieve efficient operation. Therefore, it is an update with slight aesthetic changes that update it, maintaining the mechanics and the offer of engines, being able to choose between the 3.8-liter Cummins ISF or the 4.8-liter Mercedes-Benz OM924LA.

One of the novelties is that now three options of apron height are offered depending on the need: urban, rural and road, to better meet the different applications and expand the versatility of the vehicle line, the two width versions, 2,160 mm and 2,320 mm, continue. With this, the urban skirt option has the step closest to the floor, improving accessibility and will be a great alternative for city traffic.

The shorter the “exit” of the bus, which is generally the distance from the floor in the middle of the body to the ground, the lower the step tends to be. In the rural version, this difference needs to be greater due to the more severe type of traffic and the need to protect the underside of the vehicle to clear bad terrain with potholes, mud and even streams.

The New Attack line has the School, Executive, Charter, Rural and Special Units versions, with capacities that vary between 19 and 44 passengers. The Attack 8, as its name indicates, refers to a minibus with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 8,000 kg, while the Attack 9 applies to buses that exceed 9,000Kg. The interior also features changes to the cockpit to give a more modern feel to the driver’s area, as well as new upholstery colors.

Also, the fiberglass that was part of the bodywork of the previous line was replaced by injected plastic, allowing the weight to be reduced by 30% lighter. Areas such as the dashboard, the command post, the bumpers and the front and rear areas received these new elements, which also avoid rework in mandatory minor repairs with fiberglass.

Volare offers different seating configurations, with options for larger armchairs, including cup holders, footrests, rack and retractable seat belts. It is also intended that the new Attack series, maintain that economy of operation and maintenance, thanks to spare parts of affordable price and wide availability.

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