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It has been mentioned many times about how difficult the year 2020 was and the same behavior so far in 2021 for the bus industry in its different road modalities around the world. Mexico has not been immune to this situation either, with significant reductions in passenger demand and, of course, in orders for new vehicles to update the companies’ fleets.

That is why it is important to highlight deliveries such as the one that Scania has made in the Aztec country, attending an order for 17 units for the Flecha Amarilla Group. The transporter has chosen the combination of the K400IB 4X2 chassis and the Irizar i5 body and will be operating under the Unebus brand, dedicated to intercity services with small stations, in the state of Guanajuato.

The buses are diesel and comply with the Euro 5 emissions standard, which is achieved thanks to the SCR post-treatment system, using urea as an additive to enable chemical reactions to release the least amount of pollutants. It is a 12.7-liter engine well known throughout Latin America and even very strong in road buses larger than 12 meters in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil. For Mexico, they are offered with the Opticruise 12-speed transmission and wheels in size 315/80 R22.5

For the Yellow Arrow group and its brands, safety is also important and that is why Scania has incorporated the ADAS package that includes Adaptive Intelligent Cruise Control (AICC), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) that are complemented by other well-known systems such as EBS brakes and the ESP stability program. This equipment allows you to minimize the risks on the route, protect more to all road users and make trips safer.

For its part, the Irizar i5 model was launched in 2009 in Mexico, based on the i4 that is offered in other markets for interurban and commuter transport, designed to be built on various platforms, although most operators have chosen Scania. They are equipped with 42 reclining seats, Hispacold air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet connection, USB outlets for charging devices and bike racks. The i5 model was the best-selling of the Spanish brand in 2020, followed by the i6 and its largest coach, the i8.

Founded in 1932 in the city of León, the Flecha Amarilla Group is one of the largest land transportation companies in Mexico, mobilizing about 2,400 buses, employing almost 9,800 people serving medium and long distance passenger services with Primera Plus, interurban with Unebus and Coordinados, suburban in Guanajuato and Querétaro, urban in León, business with Boarding, bus rental and tourist services with Ttur and Tapatío Tour, parcel services and operation of fast food franchises in their terminals.

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