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It has been 27 years since Mercedes-Benz buses arrived in Mexico, with the desire to become a leader in the passenger segment, as it did in several Latin American countries. Since then, about 91,000 buses of different configurations have been sold to date, with the models with delayed driving and the front model being one of the preferred ones by urban and business transport operators in Mexico.

Precisely on this bus archetype, the local manufacturer Autopartes y Componentes (AYCO), has presented its new creation Zafiro GT, which seeks to be the king of urban buses, working together with Mercedes-Benz. The main changes are identified in the front, where it was sought to give it a more aggressive front with a larger louver that contributes to the air flow that the propeller needs. Access to the engine was improved, where the mounts are maintenance free.

It is also accompanied by a new set of LED front optical units, sequential turn signals and a redesigned bumper. The rear part did not have major variations, while in the interior there were several changes that affect the driving position: upper console, instrument panel and its cluster are newly designed to make them more comfortable in daily operation. Work was also done on the dim lighting of the passenger lounge and the router with new games also in LED.

The door leaves now offer greater width to improve passenger access and exit. Special mention, the engineering work where new anchors of the body are incorporated to the chassis, structure with steel profiles covered with wood, which also allowed to save 120Kg compared to the previous Sapphire.

As mentioned at the beginning, we worked together with Mercedes-Benz to couple the body to a platform for urban transport, with the OM924LA Euro V, 4.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine that delivers 210HP at 2,200 revolutions, has an auxiliary brake with on-board switch and manual transmission, it also highlights the coded key to prevent theft of electronic units. For the entry versions, the same engine is maintained, but with 182HP of power, all with a 6-speed manual transmission.

“We are very excited to present this new release together with AYCO. Drivers, passengers and investors must feel confident that they will travel in a comfortable, technological bus, of course very safe, friendly to the environment and highly profitable ». Indicated Raúl González, Director of Sales, Marketing and After-Sales of Mercedes-Benz Buses México.

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