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QEV Technologies, a Spanish company from Barcelona dedicated to engineering specialized in electric mobility, competition, commercial and luxury vehicles, has partnered with Geotab, a world leader in connected mobility, fleet management and electrification systems, to meet your needs for telematics. QEV Technologies seeks to transfer the technology and experience developed on the racing tracks to the roads, through commercial and luxury vehicles.

This alliance allows it to offer its clients the latest technology in fleet management, telematics and Geotab connectivity, combined with the experience in data analysis and vehicle management on the circuits that QEV Technologies carries out on a daily basis.

QEVTech Bus is QEV Technologies’ division for urban mobility solutions around the world. Its product range ranges from electrical kits, which can be used for conversions, to chassis of different sizes and complete vehicles with various applications. In 2017, QEVTech Bus obtained funding from the European Investment Bank for its conversion kits; In 2019, QEVTech Bus presented in Manila (Philippines), the COMET, a fully electric urban bus with capacity for 30 passengers and its most noticeable development that has had an impact in Latin America was in 2020 with the Modasa E-Titan, the first electric bus developed in Peru.

Geotab, also a Spanish world leader in connected mobility and fleet electrification, provides an open platform of fleet management solutions for companies of any size around the world. Geotab’s comprehensive and intuitive solutions help QEV Technologies customers better manage their fleet by obtaining accurate information from real-time and historical vehicle data.

Through the processing of 40,000 million data points from more than 2.2 million vehicles around the world, Geotab provides key business intelligence for companies to make decisions based on data that improve their safety, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and much more.

Together with Geotab, QEV Technologies works to become a leader in energy transition and sustainability, the fundamental principles for which QEV Technologies was created. Geotab securely connects vehicles to the internet, providing advanced analytics for fleet management. The open platform and the Marketplace allow small, medium and large companies to automate processes by integrating vehicle data with other company data.

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