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While the road bus segment registers a decrease in sales volume due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the charter sector continues to boom in 2021. Marcopolo, leader in the Brazilian bus body sector, with 52.7 % of market share, already shows an increase in the sales of vehicles destined for this segment. Until April, the company will deliver more than 200 units for the transport of personnel in urban areas and in the mining and agribusiness sectors, in several Brazilian states.

“The need for companies to adapt to the distancing determinations imposed due to the pandemic generated a demand for more available vehicles. This represented an important part of Marcopolo’s results in 2020, especially in the agribusiness and mining sectors. Both industries remained hot even during the pandemic and, with the requirements of social distancing, companies increased their fleets of transporting employees to maintain this distancing within buses,” explains Leandro Sodré, Marcopolo’s national sales manager.

Jaime Silva, president of the National Association of Tourism and Charter Transporters (ANTTUR), comments that the eventual charter, made for tourism events or activities, was strongly affected by last year’s pandemic. “On the other hand, the continuous charter, like the transport services of the civil servants, has been strengthened. In 2021, there has already been a recovery in these first two months and the expectation for the year is the resumption,” he evaluates.

Social distancing also benefited Volare’s sales. The daily production of Marcopolo’s micro bus brand grew by 66% between the first and third quarters of 2020, from 12 to 20 cars. In large part, the growth was driven by the warming of the agricultural market in the Southeast, Midwest and South regions. For 2021, the outlook is for growth with the reopening of tourism, as well as schools and universities.

In 2020, 2,251 units were produced for the domestic market compared to 2,305 in 2019, however, there was a recovery in the volumes sold during the period due to the search to replace vans, less adequate to the new regulations. It should be remembered that Volare is a leader in the microbus sector and operates in 35 countries in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

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