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Scania Mexico has given the green flag to a new bus powered by an engine that incorporates CNG technology and guarantees to comply with the Euro VI emissions standard. A bus with well-known specifications in Colombia, corresponding to the K320 chassis with a 9.3-liter 320HP rear engine that allows the configuration of 18-meter articulated buses. In addition, it highlights the work of Busscar Colombia that continues to advance in its effort to depend less on the local market and serve more destinations abroad, such as the Aztec country where it has had a very good acceptance and this time, its highly recognized Urbanuss Pluss S5.

The bus has started operation on the routes of Transcomunicador, a Mexibus mobility company, it has always offered users and a Mexican entity a quality service that never stops through its BRT system that travels in the entity, through the municipalities of Ecatepec, Coacalco, Tultitlán and Cuautitlán Izcalli, transporting more than 200 thousand people a day, traveling about 23 thousand km a day and benefiting more than 2 million inhabitants in mobility as it is the most sustainable transport option in the area.

In the last five years, the transport sector accounted for 32% of greenhouse gas and compound emissions and of that percentage, 92% came from motor transport. That is why the Mexibus supplier company, busy offering options that minimize the environmental impact and help minimize the damage to public health, offers this new option for gas mobility, which truly demonstrates its low rate of polluting emissions. “It is a technology already proven in Colombia, in addition to the adaptations required for the state of Mexico. It is more comfortable, ergonomic, less polluting and noisy, further to being Euro VI, which undoubtedly makes it a robust solution for city transport, “said Jorge Navarro Inostroza, director of People Transport Solutions at Scania Mexico.

This bus contributes to the reduction of polluting emissions that cause the greenhouse effect and accelerate global warming. It achieves a 100% reduction in NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), a reduction in NOX (Nitrogen oxides) causing acid rain by 80%, a reduction in PM emissions (particulate matter or suspended particles) that cause respiratory diseases, up to 96%, decrease in SO2 (sulfur dioxide) by 100%, additionally this unit is also characterized by reducing the noise derived from its operation up to 5 times compared to a Euro V Diesel unit.

The chassis of the mobility project of the Mexican entity is from Scania, a Swedish brand that has always spoken out in favor of sustainability, this time it offers Transcomunicador a unit that adds to the objectives of the Mexican transportation provider company, offering the best CNG so far, and that will have a lesser impact on the environment. Additionally, with the integrated systems that the chassis has, pollutant emissions can be truly measured, having greater certainty of the impact and effectiveness of the units, guaranteeing that they are always in good condition and available.

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